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Slitter Merger  V-170III  

Description :

V-170III is a slitter merger that cuts the center of fanfold continuous paper. Use this with a burster to handle and align fanfold paper. The power chain adjust the cut positions of the paper, and photosensors ensure that the paper processed by the burster is fed properly. The process speed can be as fast as 110m per minute. This slitter merger can be synchronized with bursters by many other manufacturers.

Specifications :

Type Floor Model
Paper Width 5 to 18 inches (2-page spread)
Process Speed 10 to 110m per minute
Paper Feed Pin tractor
Set Up
Side: Side guide position : Electrical control
Slitter position : manual (Centre +- 8 mm)
Centre Cut Centre slitter
Reflective photosensor
Power Supply AC100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 530 (W) x 645 (D) x 1,015 (H) mm (not in operation)
Weight 47.6 kg
Safety Function Automatic end detection, Interlocked safety cover
Option Margin slitter, Centre slitter

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