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Form Burster  V-350  

Description :

The V-350 is a compact burster. This floor-model machine is ideal for small offices andfeatures a belt conveyor stacker whilst remaining compact in size.

Feature / Performance :

Specifications :

Paper Size Length: 3 to 12 inches
Width:6 to 16 inches
*15 inches when not slit
Process Speed 12 to 45m per minute
Cut Capacity Non-carbon: 1 to 5 pages
*With some exceptions
Stacker Conveyer
Slitter Both sides (0 to 1 inch)
Power Consumption AC100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 940(W)560(D)875(H)mm
Weight 44 kg
Auxiliary Unit Jam detection unit, Interlock unit,
Option Dropping stacker

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