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Form Burster  V-747 / 757  

Description :

The V-747/757 Burster separates and stacks continuous forms at speeds up to 120m per minute, which accelerates the handling of computer forms and enhances their final appearance. An LCD screen display messages and status, and guide light improves visibility for margin slitter positioning. This conveyor stacker is designed to improve productivity.

Feature / Performance :

Specifications :

Model V-747/V-757
Type Floor stand model
Sizeof form Length: 3 to 12 inches
Width: 5 to 18 inches (5-16.9inches without margin slit)
Maximum copy Non-carbon forms:8 parts [Max. 45kg x 8sheets(13.9Lbx8sheets)]
Cut forms 40 - 135kg(12.35-41.7Lb)
(NOTE: The number varies by paper thickness and cutting conditions of perforations.)
Process speed 8 to 90m per minutes(26.2ft-205ft per minutes)
* Maximum process speed may be limited depending on the papersize.
Paper feed V-747 : Manual rubber roller V-767 : Electrical Pin Tractor
Stacker Electrical conveyor
Cutting method Bursting method (roller lifting method)
Margin cut Margin cut width: 0 to 9/8 inches
Preset 100
Display 128 x 64 dot graphic LCD
Dimensions In use: 687 (W)x1356(D)x1085(H)mm [27(W)x53.4(D)x42.7(H)in]Folded (with safety unit attached): 687(W)x900(D)x999(H)mm [27(W)x35.4(D)x39.3(H) in]
Power source AC100 -230V }10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Standby:17W(0.2A)
Weight 90.2kg(198.9Lb)
Feature Preset counter, Automatic stop at the end form, Last page delivery, Margin cutting, Message display, Safety cover with interlock, Automatic stop in case of jam, Automatic power off, Waste Box, Form width memory (up to 10)*1ADFC function, Stacker adjustment*2,Margin cut line LED
*1 V-747 Pin tractor attached.
*2 V-757 only
Optional Chopper unit, Center slitter(cannot use with separator unit), Pin tractor, Separator unit(cannot use with separator unit), Printer inline unit*3, Middle tray unitiup to 5kg/11Lbj
*3 V-747 Pin tractor attached.

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