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Perfect Binder  KB-4000  

Description :

KB-4000 has two types of glues PUR and EVA in one machine to reach the best book making with each benefit. Glue PUR is used to the spine of book, and glue EVA is used on the side of book block. The spine preparation tool takes off 0.5mm from the edge of the spine. It is specially designed for deep glue penetration.

Specifications :

Model KB-4000
Book Size 120 X120 mm (Min.)
420 X 360 mm (Max.)
Spine Thickness 2 mm (Min.)
50 mm (Max.)
Cover Size 120 X 240 mm (Min.)
425 X 780 mm (Max.)
Max Cover Weight 400 gsm (Pre-Creased)
Max Books Per Hour 200 Cycles/Hour (Effective Output)
(Depending On User And Material)
Glue Pre-Heating Time Max. 30 Minutes
Binding System Pur Glue (Spine Gluing)
Hotmelt (Side Gluing)
Glue Application System Nozzle (Closed Volumetric System)
Active Hotmelt Side Gluing Discs
Compressed Air Supply Compressor Or Central Air Supply
(120 I/Min., 8 Bar)
Options Compressor
Power Supply 400 V, 50 Hz, 16 A, 4.6 Kw (Max.)
Dimensions (Lxwxh) 2010 X 975 X 1300 mm
Weight 380 Kg

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