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Perfect Binder  DPB-500 PUR  

Description :

The DuBinder DPB-500 PUR is a single clamp perfect binder that produces by PUR type gule. PUR gule enables to strong bind, cold and heat resistance, easy to recycle, ink-solvent resistance. Book produced by DPB-500 PUR open wide and flat perfectly.

Specifications :

Model DPB-500 PUR
Type Floor model
The Number of Clamp 1
Type of Binding Binding with a cover, binding without a cover
Booklet Size
Book Block Binding thickness 1 to 51 mm +cover thickness
Maximum size 360 (length) x 320 (height) mm
Minimum size 120 (length) x 120 (height) mm
Book block form Sheet, single-folded, double-folded
Paper type Fine 52 to 157 g/m2
Art/Coated 79 to 157 g/m2
Cover Feeding method Belt suction
(Separating air, separator manual non-step adjustment)
Maximum size 360 (length) x 696 (width) mm
Minimum size 120 (length) x 250 (width) mm
Paper type Fine 81.4 to 302 g/m2
Art/Coated 104.7 to 302 g/m2
Stack height 70 mm
Paper curl 5 mm (0.2 inch) or less R60 or more
(No wavy paper, flatten a curled cover.)
Maximum Binding Speed 525 cycle/hour
Milling Maximum 4 mm
(Manual 6 step adjustment: 0, 0.5, 1.0, 2, 3, 4 mm)
Roughening 2 pieces
Scoring The number of score Each 2 on the operator's side and non-operator's side
(spine and hinge)
Depth adjustment Manual non-step adjustment
Ream weight 157g/m2or more
Scoring width 3 to 51 mm
Nipping Height adjustment Manual non-step adjustment
Stacker Stacking method Vertical stack
Stack height Maximum 200 mm
Ratings Three-phase, 380 to 415 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 900 W, 2.5 A
Dimensions 2,790 (W) 928 (D) 1,343 (H) mm
Weight(Mass) 715 kg
Option Wing scoring, long stacker, barcode kit

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