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Saddle Stitcher  DBMS  

Description :

The precise and user friendly DBMi Saddle System provides a large variety of book formats, including the increasing popular A4 lanscape size right down to formats as small as 90mm x 75mm. With quick "make ready" times in approximately 60 seconds, and book thickness up to 120 pages. The DBMi Saddle Stitcher will allow any novice to be turned into print finishing profesional.

Feature / Performance :

Specifications :

Machine type Floor type
Paper Type Fine quality: 64 to 157gsm
Art/Coated: 84.9 to 157gsm
Cover Below 300gsm
paper size (W x L) 120x210 to 356x610mm
170x210 to 356x610mm
230x210 to 356x610mm
* There are some restriction paper length 500mm or more.
Type of stitching Saddle stitch
Maximum booklet thickness 6.0mm
(1 Cover sheet + 29 inner sheets)
Maximum processing speed 4,500sets/h (A4 size, within 10 sheets)
3,900sets/h (A3 size, within 10 sheets)
Thickness of Scoring/Folding 1.0mm (DBMS-S stack sub-sets on the buffer section)
Trimming width 1 to 25mm
Number of stitch 0 to 2 ( 3 and 4 stitch is option)
Stitching distance 60 to 306mm (2.38inches to 12.04inches)
Detecting function DBMS-F2 Paper jam, Cover open/close, Motor overload detection
DBMS-S Paper jam, No stitch detection, Stitcher dislocation detection, Cover open/close, Motor overload detection
DBMS-T Paper jam, Cover open/close, Knife stop position error, Motor overload detection
Rating and power consumption DBMS-F2 200 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 0.8A, 160W
DBMS-S 200 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 2.3A, 390W
DBMS-T 200 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 2.4A, 410W
Dimensions DBMS-F2 1,411 x 920 x 898 mm
DBMS-S 1,846x935x1,162mm
DBMS-T 718x700x1,187mm
Foot print DSC-10/60x2 tower + LUL-HM + DBMS-F2/S/T + DKT-LS
2,945 x 3,252 mm
DSC-10/60x2 tower + LUL-HM + DBMS-F2/S/T + DKT-200 + DKT-LS
4,009 x 3,252 mm
Weight DBMS-F2 364kg
DBMS-S 432kg
DBMS-T 281kg

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